A small business owner, Stan, had finally realized his dream of moving his business to a new property that he owned. Preparing the property for the relocation of his business included repaving the parking lot and adding parking lot lights. Unfortunately, Stan had no knowledge about lighting and only had the recommendations of his architect to work from. The Streetlights Direct team advised Stan that the architect’s choices were very expensive pieces and not typically used in an application like Stan’s. We then provided Stan with alternative choices that had a similar look and the required light output, while offering better energy efficiency and a price tag that was within Stan’s modest budget. Today, five years later, Stan’s business is going strong; the parking lot is well lit every night and we have not had one problem with any of the fixtures.

A regional builder, JLD Construction, needed streetlights for its new development. The Streetlights Direct team worked with the builder and its electrical contractor to identify a number of fixture options that had the correct look for the project as well as met the required technical specifications, budget and delivery timeline. The Streetlights Direct team then negotiated with the various manufacturers on the behalf of the builder to get the lowest price possible for the project and presented the builder with multiple bids to select from. Once JLD Construction made a final decision and placed the order, the Streetlights Direct team monitored the production process as well as every delivery that was made over the next year to fulfill the order. Today, the development is fully sold out and the Streetlights Direct team is working with the Homeowners Association to address any maintenance issues.

A commercial landlord, Barry, needed engraved signs and mailboxes for a new property he was developing. The Streetlights Direct team guided Barry through the entire process. We provided him with various looks to select from, along with the pros and cons of the various manufacturers. Once Barry finalized the selections and his order, we processed it and made sure it was delivered within the three-week deadline. Unfortunately, as the signs were being installed, Barry noticed that he had misspelled the name of one tenant. We contacted the manufacturer immediately and got a replacement sign shipped out within 48 hours at a special discounted price.Today, Barry has multiple commercial and residential properties, and we are proud to say that we have helped him with every project he has done since.